Enterprise culture

Corporate vision:

World- leading supplier for integrated service and solution of oil and gas field

Corporate ideal:

Ke Chuang Company must be valuable to industries and society with its own ideas, dreams and creativity.    

Corporate spirit: 

The technological innovation can realize the great dreams. The motive power and constant development   source of Ke Chuang Company is the progress of realizing the dreams of clients, employees and enterprise.  

Corporate value:

     Reality, innovation, surmount, creation, implementation 

     Encouraging flexibility and creativity, pursuiting excellent contribution and achievements;

    Depending on team spirit to achieve common target and realize corporate dream;

    Trusting and respecting everyone, paying close attention to the growth of staffs and enterprise; 

    Sticking to honest and shouldering the responsibility for society, clients and staffs in commercial activities; 

     Considering the goal as the orientation, controlling progress, focusing on details, simplifying and efficient

     Keeping strong crisis awareness, keeping forgoing ahead, developing and innovating. 

Managing style:

     Realistic, strict, initiative, efficient  

    Realistic: making perfection more perfect

    Strict: being strict with yourself and others, being strict in work flow and rewards and punishments. 

    Initiative: initiatively accepting task, shouldering the responsibility, finding out the problem and improving.

    Efficient: specific work scheme and reply time, staying free for tomorrow and zero wait state.