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Kechuang Group to participate in "2012 Zhongguancun Forum Annual MeetingZhongguancun Forum Annual Meeting

“Zhongguancun Forum” Annual Conference hosted by Ministry of Science and TechnologyChinese Academyof SciencesChinese Academy of Engineering, Oversea Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, State Intellectual Property Office and Beijing Municipal Peoples' Government, was hold inChina National Convention Center on 13thSeptember. Themed, “Scientific Innovation and Global Cooperation ”.

According to the characteristic of our energy industry, we organize the professional employee to participate “International Technology Transfer and Innovation”. “Financing Innovation for Future Technology', "New Model Enterprise Incubator” etc., then communicate and explore the new models innovation development, strengthening the innovation support for development and expanding the international cooperation efficiently.

Based on the inexhaustible theme "Innovation and Development”, forum defined an annual theme "Scientific Innovation and Global Cooperation ', discussed “Science change life”, “International Technology Transfer and Regional Innovation', "Technology fused in Life and Innovation lit Life”, “Financing Innovation and Future Technology”, “Elements for attracting International Top Talent”, 'New Models for Enterprise Incubator”, communicated and explored new models for innovation development, strengthening the innovation support development, and expanding the international cooperation efficiently., and officially published the “Zhongguancun Index” to the public for the first time.

On the opening ceremony, Acting Mayor, Wang An Shun said that global scientific innovation as the successful experience for Zhongguancun's rapid development in the last 20 years, would be insisted as the development concept in the future. On the future way to be a global scientific innovation center Zhongguancun will insist global technology cooperation, support all kinds enterprise, scientific research institution, and scientists to participate international technology cooperation, attract the multinational enterprise international academy institutions and top technology talents to develop and venture in Beijing, and play a greater role in the global technology innovation network.

Background Introduction:

In order to strengthen the global innovation cooperation, and enhance the international influenceZhongguancun national demonstration zone of independent innovation Zhongguancun Forum Annual Conference was hold very year in Zhongguancun since 2007. The Forum was an high level international conference, themed "Innovation and Development”, and had annual theme every year. All the subject were focused on the difficult and hot topics during the instruction and development Zhongguancun to build an communication and cooperation platform for domestic and international scientific, economical, financial senior people, to enhance Zhongguancun's brand and play a role in global scientific innovation center.

Zhongguancun Forum Annual Conference, themed "Scientific Innovation and Global Cooperation” will be hold in Beijing National Convention Center on 13th-13thSeptember. The theme is based on strengthening global innovation cooperation, facing the global challenge combining the development of the zone.