Geophysics and Logging

        ▶  Petroleum exploration study

        ▶oil/gas resource evaluation

        ▶  Complex faulted block reservoir exploration study

        ▶  Subtle reservoir exploration study

        ▶  Logging constrained seismic inversion and formation prediction

        ▶  Seismic processing and interpretation (incl. pre-stack time/depth migration)

        ▶  Analysis and evaluation of source rocks

        ▶  Seismic acquisition design

        ▶  Non-seismic exploration data analysis

        ▶  Seismic attribute analysis 

       ▶  Logging data process and interpretation

Reservoir Geology

        ▶  Detailed reservoir description

        ▶  Sedimentary facies study

        ▶  Geological design for coring

        ▶  Geological design for horizontal/sidetrack well

        ▶  OOIP/OGIP calculation

        ▶  Geological modeling

Field development

        ▶  Oilfield development plan design

        ▶  Natural gas/condensate field development plan

        ▶  Redevelopment plan for mature field

        ▶  Reservoir numerical simulation

        ▶  Technical/economic recoverable oil (reserves) estimation

Laboratorial Analysis

        ▶  Routine core analysis

        ▶  Special core analysis

        ▶  Reservoir fluids (oil, water and gas) analysis

International M&A evaluation

      ▶  Study of fiscal and taxation system in countries worldwide

        ▶  Analysis of contracts for filed operation

        ▶  Reservoir geological study and performance analysis

        ▶  Reserve estimation (SEC/PRMS standards)

        ▶  Field potential and risk analysis

        ▶  Due diligence

        ▶  Asset valuation (DCF method)