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Automatic Meter Reading System


KC-JC3000 direct-reading and automatic meter reading system consists of intelligent direct-reading meters, concentrator or PDA/ meter-reading machine, communication channel and main station of meter reading with the functions of recording the data of intelligent direct-reading meters by the remote meter reading, controlling the valves, analysis of data storage, cost clearing, event log, statements print, and information release.

Flexible choice of meter-reading program

⒈Two meter-reading system models : remote automatic meter reading and manual focus meter reading

⒉Two total interface forms for direct reading and remote transmission meter: Meter-Bus type and low power wireless type

⒊The main station can be communicated by GPRS, telephone dial-up, short message, wireless, and Bluetooth etc ..

In full compliance with industry standards

⒈JG/T 162-2004 Long-range transmission meter reading system for residence-Special line transmission for data

⒉CJ/T 188-2004 Technical condition for data transformation of household meters

⒊CJ/T 224-2006 Electronic remote-reading water meter

⒋DL/T 614-1997 Multi-function watt-hour meter

⒌DL/T 698-1999 Automatic Meter Reading System for LV Customers

⒍DL/T 645-1997 Multi-function watt-hour meter communication protocol

Program for system constitution

⒈Can provide two basic modes of meter reading: remote automatic meter reading and manual focus

⒉In above two modes, the direct-reading intelligent meter, Meter-BUS, and main station are the same.

Remote automatic meter reading program

⒈Remote automatic and real-time meter reading or call artificial focus meter reading program by centralized and public communication networks (like GPRS or telephone dial-up)

⒉Or meter-BUS connector jack is set in stead of concentrators in the place where the concentrators was used. The stuff achieve meter reading and valve control through the connector by PDA or meter reading machine, and finally the data send to main station without the need of centralized and public communication networks.

⒊Program without centralized and public communication networks has advantages of simplicity, easy use and low cost. There is no need for electronic devices other than meter itself. No communications networks and AC power supply are also needed. Suitable to the case that the stuff needs the meter reading to the floor.